carwow-exclusive prices

The upfront deals that dealers offer on carwow are better than you’d get by walking into the showroom. We do this by cutting out the salesroom staff who are paid on commission, partnering with senior managers who offer large discounts to carwow customers, in return for the significant volume of sales we drive to them.

To buy the car at the upfront price quoted on carwow, view the offer and note the name of the dealer and the Offer ID. Either call or message the dealer through carwow, quoting your Offer ID. This will make the process much easier and quicker.

If you visit the dealership make sure to bring along your Offer ID or a print out of your offer.

Skip the haggling

If you go into a dealership and try to haggle, you’re always dealing with a salesperson who works on the sales floor. We skip them, going straight to senior managers who can authorise special carwow pricing.

No hidden fees

There are no extra costs or hidden fees when buying from a dealer on carwow. We bring transparency and peace of mind to the process, along with a great buying experience, which is why our dealers are rated so highly by previous carwow customers.

Be confident you’re getting a great price

With carwow you can rest assured you’re getting a great price. As mentioned previously, we partner with senior managers who can offer bigger discounts, in return for the volume of sales we provide them with. Additionally, since we offer you a comparison of the best and most relevant deals for you from our network, dealers are very aware they need to be fair with their pricing in order to remain competitive and be trusted. We only partner with dealers committed to price transparency and upfront pricing, alongside excellent customer service.

We work with a huge network of dealers, so prices are competitive at all times. Some cars are discounted more than others, usually due to supply and demand factors, but you can be confident you’re receiving a competitive set of offers and aren’t missing out.

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