Delivery options and free delivery

Delivery Options

Dealers will often offer to deliver your car to your home for free if you don’t want to visit the dealership. Each dealer will have a slightly different delivery policy, so there are a few questions to ask when discussing delivery with them:

Driven or Trailer Delivery?

Driven delivery means your car will be driven from the dealership to your address by a member of staff from the dealership or a professional driver.

Trailer or transporter delivery means your car will be delivered to your address on a trailer, so it won’t be driven by anyone. This usually costs extra and is often charged as a ‘pence per mile’ fee which your dealer can advise on.

Local or Nationwide Delivery?

Local delivery usually means that the dealer is happy to deliver the car within a certain radius of the dealership, so it’s worth checking whether you would qualify based on distance.

Nationwide delivery usually means that the dealer will deliver to anywhere in the UK mainland.

Most dealers can meet your requirements for delivery whatever they may be - but the delivery type and the cost can vary so it’s worth discussing this with the dealer before buying the car.

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