How do we calculate the average savings shown on carwow?

carwow savings are shown in two ways:

carwow specific model saving

A saving advertised by specific model is calculated once a day on our site. This reflects our up to date pricing offered throughout the carwow site.

You can configure variants of a specific model, which means within one model there is different pricing. To work out the average saving for a specific model, we take the best cash price for each variant and create an average saving for the model.

Savings are always calculated against the Manufacturer’s Recommended Retails Price (RRP)

carwow average saving

A static average saving across all models is used on our homepage to reflect a realistic potential saving through us. The calculation is exactly the same as a Specific Model Saving. However, calculated during specific dates. The date range will always be referenced.

Off site Advertisement

All off site advertisements that contain a carwow saving are calculated exactly as presented above: Including the date range for the carwow average saving. We ensure the saving used is correct at the time of submission for print or inclusion in any other form of non-dynamic media.

Do we ‘round up’ when showing savings?

No, we will never overstate a saving. Instead, we round down to the nearest £1.

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