My email address isn't accepted

When signing up to carwow to receive offers from dealers you are prompted to enter an email address. This is so we can alert you when new offers come in.

For us to be able to do this we need to first check that the email address is valid. It must be in a recognisable email format and be an active account receiving email.

If the website is rejecting your email address it will show you one of these messages:

  • Please enter a valid email address
  • Please check the spelling and enter a valid email address
  • Sorry, we don't accept temporary email addresses. Please try a different email.

If the site won’t accept your email address then check the following:

  • Is the spelling correct?
  • Does the address contain the @ sign and is correctly formatted at the end, i.e. or .com?
  • Is your email account accepting mail? Send yourself an email or ask a friend to do it.
  • Is your email a disposable or temporary address? Unfortunately, we’re unable to accept these as they cause problems for businesses who use email to keep in touch with their customers.

This checklist should help fix the problem, but if for some reason your address is still not accepted please contact us at

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