carwow Purchase Rewards

At carwow, we give all customers who complete orders an option of one of 3 rewards to say thanks! 

You can choose between one of the three options and your chosen reward will be processed and sent to your email when the dealership confirms your purchase and your vehicle is delivered. 

 Amazon £20 Voucher

£20 voucher, redeemed on the website. This voucher is sent via email and must be activated within 90 days. Once activated, it will have a 10-year time frame to use. 

 Dine 2 for 1 card

Up to 50% off on selected restaurants across the UK and the membership is valid for a whole year. You can find full details about the restaurants in the link here.

Please note that Dine Club will extend your membership if you wish to do so due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Simply contact the Dine Club customer service team, they will be happy to assist.

Planting of 3 Trees to offset global emissions

To combat emissions caused by cars, carwow has partnered with The Heart of England Foundation. By choosing this reward, 3 trees will get planted in the forest. The Heart of England Forest has an exciting and ambitious vision, which they would love you to be a part of. More information can be found here.



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