Selling your car through carwow


Head to Sell your car tab, tell us some information about your car and upload a few photos, and we will advertise your car to our dealer network - for free!

The dealers will bid on your car, and you will receive 5 offers you can compare, creating a great without the hassle of trying to sell it privately experience. You may also get more. 


How it works

1. List your car

Head to the Sell your car tab and follow the instructions. It takes about 5 minutes to answer the questions and upload the photos. We will then advertise your car, for free, to thousands of trusted buyers.

2. Offers

Once your details have been uploaded, they are broadcast to our network of thousands of potential buyers. Any buyers who are interested in bidding will then offer their best prices.

3. Choose your favourite offer

If you are happy with an offer, you can accept it, and the dealer will contact you on the phone number you provide. They will book an appointment with you so they can come and inspect and collect your vehicle.

Because the full appraisal of your car is done online, offers won't be haggled down when it comes to collection.

Once all is done, they will then send you the payment directly.

You can then use all or part of that cash to buy your next new car. And that’s one of the key benefits of selling your car through carwow – you decide how you want to invest the cash from your car sale.

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