Local servicing

Servicing, repairs or warranty work can always be carried out at any other main franchise dealership of the same manufacturer, regardless of which dealer you buy from.

Since dealerships make the majority of their profits from this sort of work, they’ll welcome you with open arms, and there’s no preferential treatment for going to the dealer you bought your car from, as it’s a different department from the car sales department.

This means you can enjoy the hassle-free experience of buying from an approved carwow dealer, even if they’re further afield, safe in the knowledge that any maintenance work can be done wherever is most convenient for you.


When you buy a car through carwow you're purchasing it directly from a manufacturer-approved dealership, which means you get the full UK manufacturer warranty as standard (applies for brand new vehicles). The terms and length of the warranty are identical regardless of the dealership you buy from.

You can carry out any repairs under warranty at any dealership of the same manufacturer. In the case of warranty work, the manufacturer is paying the dealer to repair the car.

If you buy an extended warranty, again repairs can be carried out at any dealer.


If there is anything wrong with your car, at any time, you can have repair work done at any dealer of the brand of car you buy.

Servicing Packs

If you buy a servicing pack from the manufacturer with your new car you can have the servicing work carried out at any main dealership of the same make, not just at the dealer you choose to buy from. Wherever is most convenient for you. Be careful when buying the dealership's own branded servicing pack however because you can only use it at dealerships from the same dealer group.

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